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Karndean Kitchen Flooring Fitters in Derby

When you are considering what type of floor to have fitted in your kitchen in Derby we highly recommend using Karndean flooring. There are a few reasons for this. As we’ve spoken about previously, the kitchen is a versatile room which is used for much more than preparing food.

Everyone tends to gather in the kitchen at parties and family gatherings, there are food and drink spills, muddy shoes, scuff marks, pet food and water bowls spills, dropped glasses and mugs, well that’s what our parties are like anyway 🙂 The kitchen floor wears quicker than other less used and abused rooms in our homes.

Easy Clean

Karndean floors are non porous and easy to clean and look after, there are no grime and dirt traps, unlike many of the materials it faithfully replicates. Enhanced surface treatment defends against those damages that can easily spoil the look of traditional floorings. They are also waterproof and compatible with underfloor heating.

Not only are Karndean floors easy to maintain and very durable, they look amazing too. Whether your space is small and compact or wide and sweeping, there is a style that can bring your kitchen to life.

Many Different Styles

Take a look at the gallery below for some flooring inspiration. We can fit everything from rustic wood effects to smooth classic marble. Whether you opt for a total overhaul or a quick and easy refresh, the flooring ideas below are sure to make your kitchen a much more inviting space.

Black Oak

AP03_Black-Oak_RS_Res_Kitchen_Image Spanish Cherry

AP05_Spanish-Cherry_RS_Res_Kitchen_Image Graphite

CC06_Graphite_RS_Res_Kitchen_Image Eisen


CT4302_Murlo_RS_Res_Kitchen_Image Pienza

CT4303_Pienza_RS_Res_Kitchen-Diner_ImageTo get your new kitchen project underway please give us a call in the shop on 01283 701 001 or call Troy directly on 07810 186 573.

You can also email us at info@kitchens-complete.com or via our Contact page.

If you would like a brochure sending out to you for some more kitchen design inspiration please click here or click here to view the online version.