Kitchens Complete Sponsoring Talented Motorbike Riders

Motorbike LeathersAs you have probably already gathered, as well as designing and installing kitchens, we also have a love for motorbike racing here at Kitchens Complete.   The evidence is there to see if you visit the shop, there’s memorabilia all around the place.

The obsession started with Troy many, many years ago when he started riding bikes at the age of 15.  Now Kitchens Complete are dedicated sponsors to a number of young talented riders across various competitions.

Kitchens Complete sponsor TT road racer Danny Webb, British Superbike racer Jake Dixon and Moto2™ World Championship racer Marcel Schrotter.

We like to think that the dedication and effort that these young riders put into their sport matches the amount that we put into designing and fitting kitchens for our customers.  Because if it is, then these riders will go a long way 😉

Below are links to the riders social media pages and websites so that you can see how they are getting on with their seasons.  Good luck to them all, we can’t wait to see how they all progress this year.

We understand that motorbike racing might not be your thing but if it is a new kitchen you are looking for then you can be sure you will get the complete service at Kitchens Complete.

Get in touch with us now for a free quote (we provide a 3D CAD drawing so that you can fully visualise how your kitchen will look when finished with all out quotes).  Give us a call on 01283 701 001 or email us at info@kitchens-complete.com. For a free brochure to be mailed to you please fill out your details on the contact us page.

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