Lemans Corner Storage

Kesseböhmer LeMans Corner Storage Solution

How many people have a corner cupboard in the kitchen which has various pots and pans in it that have not seen the light of day for months, if not years. These pots, pans, plates, bowls, glass etc are sat there all lonely, unused and collecting dust.

As always (and with a little help from our friends at Kesseböhmer) Kitchens Complete have the solution to make reaching the hard to reach corners of the kitchen, reachable again. This means that there will no longer be a dark and dingy corner cupboard unit in your kitchen that is only really being used to collect dust, cobwebs and spiders!

Making Life Easy

The Kesseböhmer LeMans swing out corner unit combines very high space utilisation with outstanding access. The LeMans trays swing right out in front of the cabinet so you can easily get at your pots and pans. There is no need to get down on your hands and knees and grope about in the dark, hoping to put your hands on what you’re looking for!!

The LeMans corner storage solution is a seamless combination of turning and swinging that is best demonstrated by our very own model, Troy, in the below video.

As you can see hardly any effort is needed to make the shelves emerge from the cupboard so you can easily keep track of what is where and get to everything easily. In a nutshell, LeMans ll is in pole position (pun intended) for efficiency and convenience.

It Can Take the Weight

Each shelf has plenty of room on them and can bear up to 25kg. So unless you’re planning on stacking house bricks on top of each other in there, this kitchen storage solution is perfect for your hard to reach corner units.

If you like the look of this clever storage solution or any of the Kesseböhmer range then please get in touch with us. We have fitted many of their products in kitchens in Derby, Burton on Trent and surrounding areas.  Give us a call on give us a call in the shop on 01283 701 001 or call Troy directly on 07810 186 573. You can also email us at info@kitchens-complete.com or via our Contact page. If you would like some inspiration please click here for a brochure to be sent out to you or click here to view the online version.  And keep your eyes pealed for Troy’s appearance on the shopping channel 😉