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Kitchen Lighting

New Kitchen? Don’t Forget to Consider Lighting

When you are having your kitchen re-designed one thing that sometimes gets overlooked is the lighting. At Kitchens Complete in Derby we understand how important lighting is in creating the perfect kitchen. Getting the lighting right means you will benefit from a brighter, more efficient space that is a pleasure to work in. Lighting Zones… Read more »

From Old Kitchen to New Kitchen

Here at Kitchens Complete in Derby we get asked “What do we get as part of a free kitchen design?” To answer the question we thought it would be a good idea to share the following which we hope will give you a good understanding. When a new customer gets in touch with us one… Read more »

Cooked Christmas Turkey

Christmas Kitchen Re-design Advice

Can you believe it? It’s exactly one week to Christmas, the time of year that your kitchen is really put through its paces. Plenty of planning goes into the day, meal plans, timers and plenty of prep the day before. But it can be the kitchen itself, along with the appliances, that can be the… Read more »

Shaker Kitchens Designed & Fitted in Derby

You may of heard the term Shaker Kitchen being used but not quite known what it really is. This article will help you understand where the term and style comes from and why it is one of the most popular kitchen styles around. The Shaker kitchen style is one that has stood the test of… Read more »

Kitchens Complete Trade Windows Partnership

Kitchens Complete in Partnership with Trade Windows Derby

Here are Kitchens Complete we are proud to announce a partnership with Trade Windows Derby. Over the past couple of months we have been coming up with ideas, with our friends at Trade Windows Derby, to see how we can help with a makeover of their showroom in Derby. And what better way to help… Read more »

Child Baking

School’s Out For Summer

“I’m hungry”, “What’s for lunch?”, “Is dinner ready yet?” That’s right, school is officially out for summer and that means the little (or not so little) rascals will be getting under your feet in the kitchen much more than normal. And if it’s not the kids getting under your feet, it will be their shoes… Read more »

Quartz Worktop

Silestone Quartz Worktops for your Kitchen in Derby

At Kitchens Complete in Willington, Derby we use Silestone Quartz worktops in a lot of the kitchens we design and install. The main reason for our customers choosing a Silestone Quartz worktop is because they are extraordinarily hard and resilient, making them perfect for the kitchen. Silestone is a compound made up of 94% natural… Read more »

Dog Wearing Sunglasses

Keeping Your Cool in the Kitchen this Summer

With the hottest June day in 41 years this week and the possibility of a record summer coming to a kitchen near your soon, there are a few little extras you might want to consider when you’re having your kitchen in derby designed.  At Kitchens Complete, in Willington, in-between Derby and Burton upon Trent, we… Read more »