From Old Kitchen to New Kitchen

Here at Kitchens Complete in Derby we get asked “What do we get as part of a free kitchen design?” To answer the question we thought it would be a good idea to share the following which we hope will give you a good understanding.

When a new customer gets in touch with us one of the first things we do is go out to the customer’s property to see the current kitchen space and get an understanding of what ideas the customer has for their new kitchen.  Whilst we are there we will take measurements and some photographs so that when we are back in the showroom we can begin the planning process.

Below are pictures of one of our customer’s kitchen taken before we got to work on it.

The design process begins with us using the measurements taken to draw a plan on our kitchen design software. Once the layout of the room is complete the units and appliances are added in a way that maximises storage and worktop along with making sure the appliances are in the best possible position, so that you have a natural flow through the kitchen.

Whilst positioning the units and appliances onto the plan an outline rendered image is referred to, to help with the initial design.

Once we are happy with the layout, the choice of colours and door styles are then added to the design, along with work top colours, wall colours and the flooring. Different styles can be rendered and low res images will be produced to help visualise the look and feel to help make decisions.

Higher definition images can also be rendered to get an almost realistic representation of what the finished kitchen will look like in the chosen colours, units etc.

Along with the plan drawings and 3D rendered images to help with making your decision you will also receive a detailed quote that outlines everything to be included in your new kitchen.

And if you compare the above to these to photographs taken once the new kitchen has been fitted you can see that you will know what you are going to get before you have you have parted with any of your money.

We hope that you find this information useful and if it has whet your appetite for a new kitchen design why not get in touch with us.  Give us a call on 01283 701 001, email us at or pop into our showroom in Willington, Derby, for a chat.

You can also get one of our brochures delivered to your door at no cost by simply sending us your address by visiting our brochure request page.