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Keeping Your Cool in the Kitchen this Summer

With the hottest June day in 41 years this week and the possibility of a record summer coming to a kitchen near your soon, there are a few little extras you might want to consider when you’re having your kitchen in derby designed.  At Kitchens Complete, in Willington, in-between Derby and Burton upon Trent, we are always looking for the best ways to utilise the space in your kitchen.  Take a look at the the appliances below that will help you keep your cool in the kitchen this summer.

Ice Maker & Chilled Water Dispensers

How about an American style fridge freezer? These have become increasingly popular in the UK over the past decade as they offer much more space and come with some great additions, such as an ice maker and a chilled water dispenser.

The handy ice and water dispenser allows you to choose between cubed ice, crushed ice or chilled water whenever you need it. Imagine how nice that would of been over the past few days, chilled refreshing drinks whenever you needed them.

CDA Cool Water & Ice Dispenser

Wine Coolers

If you like to have something a little stronger than water chilled and ready to drink in the kitchen then CDA wine coolers are the thing for you. They are sleek, sophisticated and reliable. They’re designed to look great in any modern home, and aim to please even the most discerning of tastes.

Not only do these wine coolers look great, but they have excellent features too. These aren’t just glorified mini fridges, they’re exactly what your wine deserves and needs. The features available are electronic temperature control, UV protected smoked toughened glass, a temperature alarm, memory function and a dehumidifier. What more could you and your wine ask for?

There are different sizes to choose from to fit in with the available space. There are small, slimline designs that hold 7 bottles, right up to full-height wine coolers capable of storing over 120 bottles.

Also available are integrated wine coolers, capable of storing between 24-55 bottles, which can be installed at eye level in the kitchen to best display your collection and maintain a streamlined design. Cheers!

CDA Wine Cooler

Beer dispenser

If beer is more your thing then how about draught beer on tap in your home? The CDA BVB4 comes with LED lighting, drip tray and is easy to clean and maintain. It dispenses chilled beer within minutes and is thermostat controlled. It has a sleek design and meticulous attention to detail and is compatible with 10L, 30L and 50L kegs. Get the party started!

CDA Beer Dispenser

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