Kitchen Design Process

Kitchen Design – The Complete Process

Deciding to buy a new kitchen is a big commitment. Not only is it a financial commitment but you are also opening up your house and daily routine to some disruption whilst work is being completed. At Kitchens Complete we understand this and we work with you to make the whole process as smooth as it possibly can be, with as little disruption to your daily life as possible.

So, what is the process?

Most people have their own ideas on how they would like their kitchen to look and feel. So the initial chat with you is about your ideas and your requirements. With these in mind we like to find out more about your personal circumstances. For example how big your house is, how big your family is, what your cooking and eating habits are, are there any special requirements or any health issues that need to be considered?

All these things need to be thought about early on, so that the completed kitchen is fit for purpose. There is no point designing a kitchen with high storage if you’re 4ft 2.  It’s a bad idea having storage low down if you suffer with a bad back. What’s the point in having a large double oven if you barely cook and why have a wine chiller if you don’t like wine?  Where will the bin bags go?  What about the oven gloves?  How about a draw for all the bits and bobs that don’t have any other place to go, you know, the “man draw” 🙂 It’s all obvious stuff when you say it out loud, but sometimes things like this get overlooked by others.

Once we have all the details we explain the styles, trends, products and accessories that are available and how all of these things can complement your requirements.

Next we arrange to meet at your property to give our professional and honest opinion, with the requirements in mind, for the best way to lay out the kitchen to maximise the the amount of workspace. We will measure up and if required we will arrange for a structural engineer to visit to make sure what you want to have done, can be done.

Design Stage

The next step is the design stage. Troy will design the kitchen using the latest ArtiCAD kitchen design software. This includes the line drawings with all the measurements and 3D images from various angles. These images include everything from the colour of the floor to the appliances on the worktops, he can even include your plants and pets.

Then we arrange for you to come to the shop to discuss the plan and look at the actual products that are to be included, to make sure everyone understands what is happening, what they are getting and what the price will be.

Schedule of Work

A schedule of work is put in place once everything is agreed. We know everyone’s life is busy and we take this into consideration. We make sure you know what is happening and when it is happening, so you can plan accordingly. We also like to introduce the tradespeople that will be working in your house so that you know who to expect, when to expect them and what type of biscuits they like 🙂

As soon as everything is agreed work will begin as per the schedule of work. A 25% deposit is required, the balance for the goods is payable on delivery and the final payment is made once the installation is complete and you are happy.

So that’s the complete process, from an initial chat to the installation of your beautiful, fit for purpose, brand new kitchen from Kitchens Complete. Please give us a call in the shop on 01283 701 001 or call Troy directly on 07810 186 573.  You can also email us at or via our Contact page. If you would like some inspiration please click here for a brochure to be sent out to you or click here to view the online version.