Kitchen Lighting

New Kitchen? Don’t Forget to Consider Lighting

When you are having your kitchen re-designed one thing that sometimes gets overlooked is the lighting. At Kitchens Complete in Derby we understand how important lighting is in creating the perfect kitchen. Getting the lighting right means you will benefit from a brighter, more efficient space that is a pleasure to work in.

Lighting Zones

The best approach to lighting your kitchen is to consider each zone and identify the best type of lighting for each area. The preparation and cooking areas, along with the sink, should have directional, strong task lights whereas an area used for dining can have dimmable lighting to create a more relaxed atmosphere.

Light can also be bounced off surfaces as well to increase light in the kitchen and the effect of lighting on glass and polished worktops can be very impressive. This can be achieved a number of ways, spot lights, under cabinet lights, shelf lights and accent lights.  

Natural Light

When planning, natural light needs to be taken into consideration.  The time of day can greatly affect the room lighting so lighting should not be fixed, giving you the flexibility to create the mood you want with different lighting strengths and angles.

Decorative Lighting

Along with the functional task lighting to make sure your working areas are safe you need to also consider your decorative lighting to help give your kitchen the extra wow factor.  Decorative lighting can be installed in glass fronted cabinets, plinths and even the underneath of the perimeter of an island worktop.

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