Child Baking

School’s Out For Summer

“I’m hungry”, “What’s for lunch?”, “Is dinner ready yet?” That’s right, school is officially out for summer and that means the little (or not so little) rascals will be getting under your feet in the kitchen much more than normal.

And if it’s not the kids getting under your feet, it will be their shoes or toys, that have been randomly left about, waiting to upend you whilst you are getting a piping hot dish out of the oven.

But instead of telling the kids to “get out from under your feet” maybe this could be the time to get them interested in what actually goes on in the kitchen. Let them find out what goes on prior to them having their food served to them and them shovelling it down their little pie holes, before running off to do whatever they were doing before.

The importance of diet and nutrition for the younger generation is constantly being reported in the press and is something that a lot of us should probably be paying more attention to ourselves.

The increase in childhood obesity has been linked to children nowadays not being as active as before. Arguably due to the rise in the video game and smartphone culture, along with the easy access to fast foods and sugary drinks. But it can also be down to a lack of understanding and interest in what they are eating.

So perhaps this summer holiday could be the time to encourage the kids to put down the XBOX controller, step away from the TV (and all the fast food advertising) and to get next to you in the kitchen to create some fun, tasty, and healthy dishes for the whole family to enjoy.

Pizza and Chicken

We’ve found 30 healthy kids recipes on the BBC’s Good Food website to get you started. Click the link below for these. You never know, you might discover the next Jamie Oliver or Heston Blumenthal! Then the school holidays won’t come around quick enough for you 🙂

And if you find that whilst you’re creating these wonderful new dishes with the kids, they have managed to pull the handles of the cabinets, scratch the flooring, crack the worktops, etc, then give us a call and we’ll come round and fit a new kitchen for you in about six weeks time. Good luck 🙂

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