Shaker Kitchens Designed & Fitted in Derby

You may of heard the term Shaker Kitchen being used but not quite known what it really is. This article will help you understand where the term and style comes from and why it is one of the most popular kitchen styles around.

The Shaker kitchen style is one that has stood the test of time like no other. The reason for this is that Shaker kitchens are a simple, modest design with no fussy decoration. The shaker kitchen style is versatile, it can be dressed up or down to make it look very traditional or have a modern edge, making it fit in perfectly in all type of homes.

Who were the Shakers?

The Shakers were a breakaway religious group from the Quakers who originated from Manchester. The name shaker comes from the shaking motions and dancing used in their worshiping. They were keen craftsmen who produced furniture for their self sufficient communities and to sell on. They were known for high quality workmanship, their furniture was known for being simple, durable and functional..

Designing a Shaker Kitchen

As mentioned earlier, Shaker kitchens tend to be simple, modest with no fussy decoration. Where possible, a central island or kitchen dresser will help give the traditional Shaker feel of having free-standing units. Panelled unit doors are a staple of the Shaker design and ideal colours are cream, muted green, or pale grey-blue. But even deep blue and red work well as accent colours.

The Details

Traditionally, cabinet doors were timber knobs, painted to match the unit colours, but metal knobs or cup handles are a good alternative nowadays. Worktops were also traditionally wooden, now a granite or quartz worktop are more of a practical and hardwearing alternative and will give the kitchen a modern edge.

Storage Solutions

The Shakers had a place for everything and everything was kept in it’s place. Draws and cupboards were designed to fit items exactly. Nowadays this can be achieved with clever storage solutions that are available from companies such as Kesseboehmer.

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